Month: September 2021

In this episode of Community Chats Aley Hammer interviews Alistair Raphael, the Associate Director from BDO. Alistair shares what it is that BDO does with AWS, insights into how Auxillis, their partner, is helping BDO and how Alistair has been utilising Amazon Textract, our machine learning service that automatically extracts printed text from scanned documents.

In this episode of Community Chats, Aley Hammer interviews Philip Oakman, the CEO of Auxilis. Philip shares how he has been able to leverage AWS to deliver more precise recommendations to his clients and how this benefits his customers.

Auxilis and AWS Solving Industry Challenges With Machine Learning

The Wall Street Journal – Auxilis Builds Solution for BDO Australia Auxilis builds leading machine learning solution for BDO Australia, one of the world’s leading audit, tax, and advisory organizations, uses Amazon Textract, an ML service that automatically extracts text from documents, to review diverse financial statements containing unstructured data, in bulk. This helps them …

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AI and ML Explained

What is AI? Artificial intelligence, otherwise simply called AI, is often a term thrown around in science fiction movies or in complicated jargon in the world of computer science. But this is a term created simply to encapture all machines and tools that are capable of imitating a human level of intelligence1. This can be …

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